Consultation is the most important service of all. It sets the path to exceptional results for you the client and we the designers. Communication of personalized styles is imperative to everyones' satisfaction. First Visit Consultations are complimentary and are highly recommended for your utmost satisfaction.


Future Design Changes are best consulted during a prior visit. This allows for better time management of services in order to give the best results.



These factors must be included in a First Time Consultation:


  • Design Choices for hair your hair type and condition.
  • Service or Services needed to perform the best results possible for the present state of hair type and condition.
  • Appointment Time Length needed to perform first day of service and/or services for future design visits.
  • Proper Service Intervals  that are needed to perform the best results possible for the present and future state of hair type and condition.
  • Cost of Services and Products necessary to maintain hair design now and in the future.
  • Maintenance Regiment is necessary for ease of styling. Proper Service Intervals and Selection of Cleanse, Condition and Style Products will help to meet the challenges of present/future performance of your hair design. Hair in great condition will be ready for changes in design decisions.
  • Recommend A Friend Program And Rewards System is designed to thank those who have enjoyed their visit. For more information, please ask us about this reward system.